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Shani Deva

Story of Shani Dev and Muni Piplad

An ancient story says that sage Piplad lost his father in his childhood. When he grew up, he came to know of this fact through her mother, that his father had lived the life of a hermit at the bank of river Yamuna. In spite of this fact, he had to undergo the anguish of Lord Shani and he died due to various diseases caused to him by Lord Shani as a punishment for the misdeeds of his pre-births

Sage Piplad was an ascetic of a high order. When he came to know the fact about his father’s death, he became angry over Lord Shani, the killer of his father. He decided to punish Lord Shani for this act of bringing death to his father. Within no time he searched out ‘Brahmdandh’ and on the basis of his auspicious devotion he collected various effectual powers in it. He aimed ‘Brahmdandh’ at Lord Shani and released it.

Lord Shani felt helpless to bear to this attack and ran fast to save his life. He ran towards the three Worlds, this World, the other ShanidevWorld and the third World but everywhere this effective Brahmdandh troubled and tortured him. Finally the feet of Lord Shani got broken with the effectual power of Brahmdandh. So, he became handicapped and could not run fast anymore.

Lord Shani was quite restless by the torture of Brahmdandh so he called out Lord Shiva in a very humble tone for his help. Now, the innocent ‘Shanker’ appeared before Muni Piplad and made him understand that he need not be angry upon Lord Shani. He has no friend, no foe. He only owes his duties, entrusted to him. Neither he troubles someone nor does he take away the life of anyone. The causing factor of his father’s death is not Lord Shani, but the period of his life was over. Lord Shani shoulders the responsibilities of making living beings to undergo the effects of their misdeeds, during their life time alone. So Lord Shani need not be blamed for !

Hearing to the words of the Lord Shiva, sage Piplad apologised from Lord Shani and had withdrawn his Brahmdandh’. Sage also added that those who listen to this story and sing the glory of Pipleshwar Mahadev, they would get rid of the troubles created to them by Lord Shani. Since Lord Shani got both his feet injured by the ‘Brahmdandh’ of Sage Piplad, since that day he moves slowly and has been called by the famous name:- ‘Mandgati’ which means slow speed.