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Shani Deva

The Importance of Shani Dev

  • Shani Graha Effects God Shani, the son of God Sun, is such a God of the mortal world who, when the time comes, weighs the good and bad deeds of man and bestows punishment and purifies him.
  • God Shani is a judge. And judgment is always impartial. Therefore he is considered cruel.
  • Powerful Mantra of Shani Dev ‘Om Shan Shaneshrai Namah.’.
  • God Shani’s metal is iron and steel which is the most useful and strong.
  • God Shani’s greatest love is helping the poor and the diseased.
  • God Shani’s favorite things such as oil, coal, iron, black ‘til’, urud, shoes and chappals are given away as alms.
  • The time and effort that goes into the installation of God Shani is the most sacred alms.
  • God Shani is the lord of spiritualism. Whichever devotion, penance, dedication and so on are of prime importance.
  • God Shani is the lord of social togetherness. Without his grace, even the family togetherness is unthinkable of.
  • God Shani gives the boon of success in social, political, traditional, spiritual, career, educational and business areas.
  • God Shani gives relief from diseases and grants a long life.
  • God Shani is the God of the ‘kalyug’.
  • God Shani has many names. And the realm of his might is vast and great.
  • All people from the high and mighty to the lowliest are scared of God Shani.
  • God Shani is an uncommon God of the world.
  • The vehicle of God Shani is made up of iron. (Matsyapuran 127,8)
  • The weapons of God Shani are Bow and arrow and trishul (trident).