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Shani Deva

An Introduction to Shani Deva

Shani Dev Maha Mantra in Hindi – शनि स्तोंत्र ॐ नीलांजन समाभासं रवि पुत्रं यमाग्रजम | छायामार्तंड संभूतं तं नमामि शनैश्चरम Shani Dev is one of the most popular deities that the Hindus pray to ward off evil and remove obstacles.

Shani literally means the “slow-moving-one”. According to myths, Shani oversees the “dungeons of the human heart and the dangers that lurks there.”

Shani is represented as having a dark complexion and is said to be the son of Surya, the sun god, and Chaya, the servant whom his wife Swarna surrogated. He is the brother of Yama, the god of death and is believed by many to be an avatar of Shiva.

Stories about his evil influence abound. Shani is said to have chopped off Ganesha’s head. He is lame and has a limp because his knee was injured when he fought as a child with Yama. In the mythology, he is represented as riding a chariot, carrying a bow and arrow and pulled by a vulture or crow. Shani is found wearing a blue cloth, blue flowers and sapphire.

He is also known as Saura (son of sun-god), Kruradris or Kruralochana (the cruel-eyed), Mandu (dull and slow), Pangu (disabled), Saptarchi (seven-eyed) and Asita (dark).

There is needless terror about Shanidev in the minds of people. Unlike other Gods in the pantheon, why are you scared of Shanidev? Although he is your friend, and not your enemy? In our day to day life, there is a great place of importance for strength and mercy in our lives. Shanidev occupies a place of fear in the minds of most people in India.

Saneeswara Mantra – Our bodies are constituted of five great elements. Therefore, these elements have a profound influence on us. These planets thus control us continuously. Shanidev occupies the seventh place in the constellation of the nine ‘grahas’ which control the world. Shanidev exerts more power than the power of gravity itself. Therefore, when we think good or bad thoughts and make plans, they reach Shanidev by the strength of his power. Thus, good results in good. And bad begets bad results soon.

The planets control the whole Universe, but Shanidev is the chief controller. Shani is also known as a chief controller among the jury of planets. Shanidev decides the results of the fructification of our Karmas and all the planets give malefic or benefic results depending upon such karmas of a native. We all living beings are bounded to the chains of our Karmas and have have to undergo their good and bad results.