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Shani Deva

Shani Mantra in Hindi

ॐ शन्नोदेवीरभिष्टय आपो भवन्तु पीतये शन्योरभिस्त्रवन्तु न:

श्री शनि चालीसा


Shani Chalisa Free of Cost – जय-जय श्री शनिदेव प्रभु, सुनहु विनय महराज। करहुं कृपा हे रवि तनय, राखहु जन की लाज॥

Oh, Shani Maharaj, the gracious one ! Listen to my prayers, the victorious one !! Bestow your grace and protect them all ! Keep the modesty of the devotees all !!


जयति-जयति शनिदेव दयाला। करत सदा भक्तन प्रतिपाला॥

Victorious, victorious, Lord Shani, generous ! Protecting the devotees, coming under your shelter !!

चारि भुजा तन श्याम विराजै। चारि भुजा तन श्याम विराजै।माथे रतन मुकुट छवि छाजै

Your blackish beauty and all four arms !Your forhead with the crown of pearls !!

परम विशाल मनोहर भाला। टेढ़ी दृष्टि भृकुटि विकराला॥

You’re smart looking with the huge spear, the bright ! You are with slayer aspect and frowning sight!!

कुण्डल श्रवण चमाचम चमकै। हिये माल मुक्तन मणि दमकै॥

Your ear-rings shining in two ears ! Over your chest, the necklace of pearls !!

कर में गदा त्रिाशूल कुठारा। पल विच करैं अरिहिं संहारा॥

Carring Gadha, Trishul & Kuthar ! Killing the enemies once for all !!

पिंगल कृष्णो छाया नन्दन। यम कोणस्थ रौद्र दु:ख भंजन॥

Pinglo, Krishna & son of Maa Chhaya’ ! ‘Yama, Konastha, Rodra & killer of pains !!

सौरि मन्द शनी दश नामा। भानु पुत्रा पूजहिं सब कामा॥

Sauri, Mando these ten names of you! Son of Lord sun, you grant them fame!!

जापर प्रभु प्रसन्न हों जाहीं। रंकहु राउ करें क्षण माहीं॥

Overwhomsoever, your get pleased, but ones !Granting your grace, you protect them hence !! You can turn down one from the heights of sky ! Or even can rise him from earth to sky !!

पर्वतहूं तृण होई निहारत। तृणहूं को पर्वत करि डारत॥

The simplest of work, you can make so tedious ! Or the tedious one, you can make simplest !!

राज मिलत बन रामहि दीन्हा। कैकइहूं की मति हरि लीन्हा॥

Lord Rama was sent to exile instead getting kingdom !Through deranging ‘Maa Kaikayee’, Raja Dushrath’s wife !!

बनहूं में मृग कपट दिखाई। मात जानकी गई चुराई॥

In woods he saw a deer, the illusory one ! This way, Maa Janki was got stolen !!

लषणहि शक्ति बिकल करि डारा। मचि गयो दल में हाहाकारा॥

You made fainted his brother Laxman! The whole of army was got frigntened !!

दियो कीट करि कंचन लंका। बजि बजरंग वीर को डंका॥

No sooner did Bajrang Bali invaded over it ! The Golden Lanka was turns to ruins !!

नृप विक्रम पर जब पगु धारा। चित्रा मयूर निगलि गै हारा॥

When king Vikram suffered your Dasha Period ! The pictorial peacock had swallowed over necklace !!

हार नौलखा लाग्यो चोरी। हाथ पैर डरवायो तोरी॥

Lord Krishna was suspected in the theft! And was beaten up badly for suspect !!

भारी दशा निकृष्ट दिखाओ। तेलिहुं घर कोल्हू चलवायौ॥

During your adverse Maha dasha span !He had to work, at the house of a lay man !!

विनय राग दीपक महं कीन्हो। तब प्रसन्न प्रभु ह्वै सुख दीन्हों॥

With submission & love he prayed you lord! You got pleased & granted that he desired all !!

हरिशचन्द्रहुं नृप नारि बिकानी। आपहुं भरे डोम घर पानी॥

King Harish Chandra in your dasha period ! Lost all his belonging and his wife got sold !! And he himself had to do job work ! At low caste sweeper’s house !!

वैसे नल पर दशा सिरानी। भूंजी मीन कूद गई पानी॥

King Nal when suffered your dasha period !He got helpess like a fish without water !!

श्री शकंरहि गहो जब जाई। पारवती को सती कराई॥

Your transisting over the rashi of lord Shiva ! His wife got Sati that badly hurt Lord Shiva !!

तनि बिलोकत ही करि रीसा। नभ उड़ि गयो गौरि सुत सीसा॥

When you looked at Ganesha, the Lord ! His head did fly to the height of sky !!

पाण्डव पर ह्वै दशा तुम्हारी। बची द्रोपदी होति उघारी॥

When Pandavas passed your dasha period ! The only Dropadi was sold & nothing spared !

कौरव की भी गति मति मारी। युध्द महाभारत करि डारी॥

Even the Kaurvas lost all their wisdom ! And the Mahabharta had to faught !!

रवि कहं मुख महं धारि तत्काला। लेकर कूदि परयो पाताला॥ शेष देव लखि विनती लाई। रवि को मुख ते दियो छुड़ाई॥

Swallowing the Sun, you went to third world !Sun was but saved by the prayers of all gods !!

वाहन प्रभु के सात सुजाना। गज दिग्गज गर्दभ मृग स्वाना॥

Lord Shani has seven rides of his own! The elephant, horse, an ass and a deer, one!!

जम्बुक सिंह आदि नख धाारी। सो फल ज्योतिष कहत पुकारी॥

The dog, the jackal, the lion, all having nails!!Accordingly the results, so an astrologer says!!

गज वाहन लक्ष्मी गृह आवैं। हय ते सुख सम्पत्तिा उपजावैं॥

Riding over an elephant, it brings home money! Over horse, brings comforts and the wealth!!

गर्दभहानि करै बहु काजा। सिंह सिध्दकर राज समाजा॥

Over an ass he gives losses in many ways! Over lion he grants the kingdom and fame!!

जम्बुक बुध्दि नष्ट करि डारै। मृग दे कष्ट प्राण संहारै॥

Over jackal he takes away all the intellect! Over deer, he grants death like pains !!

जब आवहिं प्रभु स्वान सवारी। चोरी आदि होय डर भारी॥

Riding over dog, gives threat of theft !Makes him a beggar and a rolling stone !!

तैसहिं चारि चरण यह नामा। स्वर्ण लोह चांदी अरु ताम्बा॥

The same way are your all four steps !The golden, iron, silver & copper !!

लोह चरण पर जब प्रभु आवैं। धान सम्पत्तिा नष्ट करावैं॥ समता ताम्र रजत शुभकारी। स्वर्ण सर्व सुख मंगल भारी॥

Over iron step, you take away wealth !Over copper normal & the silver auspicious !!The golden step is ever bright !Granting name fame & all the right !!

जो यह शनि चरित्रा नित गावै। कबहुं न दशा निकृष्ट सतावै॥

Whosoever sings your worthy prayers !H’s never troubled by your adverse periods !!

अद्भुत नाथ दिखावैं लीला। करैं शत्रु के नशि बल ढीला॥

You show people of your excellent acts !Killing and making their enemies helpless !!

जो पंडित सुयोग्य बुलवाई। विधिावत शनि ग्रह शान्ति कराई॥

Calling learned men who performs your pooja ! Through the vedic ways, he gets you pleased !!

पीपल जल शनि-दिवस चढ़ावत। दीप दान दै बहु सुख पावत॥

Watering pipal tree on Saturday, each !Offering dhoop & deepak at you feet !!

कहत राम सुन्दर प्रभु दासा। शनि सुमिरत सुख होत प्रकाशा॥

Rama says singing worthy songs of lord Shani !Brings them comforts, health, wealth & money!


प्रतिमा श्री शनिदेव की, लौह धाातु बनवाय। प्रेम सहित पूजन करै, सकल कष्ट कटि जाय॥

Worshipping lord shani, over the idol of iron !His love & devotion, takes away all pains!!

चालीसा नित नेम यह, कहहिं सुनहिं धारि धयान। निश्चय शनि ग्रह सुखद ह्वै, पावहिं नर सम्मान॥

Reciting the chalisa, he ever gains !Lord shani is certainly an auspicious Dev !!Who grants the health wealth & wisdom!! Besides the respect name & fame!!!